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Se7ven Simple Cancer-Free Habits

  Please allow me to paraphrase an affirmation I read recently: “There are men of a rough persuasion who are willing to take care of the kinds of situations that ordinary people can’t. They’re called soldiers.” This, in my mind describes the men and women of the emergency services who have dedicated their lives for […]

Another Pathway to First Responder Cancer Prevention

Much has been written about the current scourge of firefighting that is cancer.  Support networks and research institutions are evolving from coast to coast while several states although slow to get their act together are beginning to develop and pass firefighter cancer presumptive legislation. In June of this year, a short article, “Seven Simple Cancer-Free […]

Should a Mentoring Program be in Your Department’s Future?

Many of us remember the first time we walked into our fire station as a newbie. The excitement (and anxiety) was palpable. In addition to the dozens of questions running through our heads regarding the rewards and dangers of being a first responder, we also wondered: Would we be liked? Accepted? Fit in? Able to […]

Se7ven Leadership Growth Habits

IN today’s supercharged, “if you snooze you lose” atmosphere, many believe if you’re not moving forward, you’re going backward. I don’t subscribe to that theory wholescale, but believe you have to take each issue, each problem, each challenge on its own merits. I am no longer a participant of that particular rat race, which allows […]


Planning for Crowd Surge Summer is the start of the party and celebration seasons. The warm weather lends itself to beachgoing, volleyball and music concerts.  It seems like every local yokel with a guitar and a few musically-inclined wannabes can get a crowd together with a few taps on their favorite social medial platform and […]

Human Trafficking Awareness for First Responders

Seldom do I turn down an opportunity to train. When I do, it’s usually because the topic entails funny-smelling substances that burn the skin on contact or ones that may be politically controversial. However, this one, in my humble opinion must be discussed in every community across America.  That is Human Trafficking.   The practice […]