Bryant Stiles Conference 2023

DEA Counterfeit Pills Fact Sheet

Download the September 2021 Fact Sheet here

NY State Association of Safety Officers

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Emergency Response

Dissecting The Mayday – Part of the Responder Safety Series by Ret. Chief F. R. Montes de Oca, EFO, MESH, CPM. Download


Clear and Present Challenge: Operating During Civil Unrest. Response Guidebook A guidebook for First Responders during the initial phase of a transportation incident involving hazardous materials/dangerous goods. Download


Multi-Victim Active Shooter Hostile Emergency Response (ASHER) – Based on several case studies focusing on actions and decisions agencies must take to ensure a safe, effective response to and recovery from direct threat events. Download


Developing Crisis Management Plans – An overview assisting departments in developing crisis management plans focusing on preparation, response, and recovery. Download

Sample Standard Operating Guidelines

Excellent guidelines from the Wisconsin Fire Marshal’s Office.

Excellent guidelines from the Wisconsin Fire Marshal’s Office.

How Firefighters Die

Presentation from the Kentucky conference 2020Download

Gangs and Extremist Groups

Presentation from the Kentucky conference 2020. Download


MCI Deployment Guidelines This booklet includes operational templates and guidelines for EMS prepare for MCI deployment. Download.

Aircraft Accident Response Brochure

It’s not if, but when an aircraft falls in your response area.  This is a brief, helpful handout that you can reproduce for your responders. Download.

Until Help Arrives

Excellent training slides for preparing communities for emergencies and disasters.  Based on the CERT concept this US Government-designed program provides quick training support for response agencies to prepare their civilian populations to help during community-wide events.  Can also be used as an adjunct to local CERT program refreshers and updates. Download


Wildfire Evacuation Guidelines 

Nature calls every year in wildfire season. This is an excellent guideline for response agencies with woodland firefighting, response, and support responsibilities. Download.



As the Coronavirus continues to affect every first responder, intelligence experts are suggesting the time is right for extremists to exploit areas experiencing responder shortages. This chart provides a quick reference for possible nerve agent exposures. Download.

The Ruderman White Paper on Mental Health and Suicide of First Responders

The daily work lives of first responders can take a toll on their mental health. This report explores the scope of the problem and how to facilitate access to solutions. Download.


Se7en Habits of Highly Successful Officers

Get the article and the PowerPoint presentation. Download.

Surviving the First 100 Days

Just Promoted? Surviving the First 100 Days Presentation from the Kentucky conference 2020. Download

Firefighter Orientation

Developed by Osceola County Fire Rescue; the document can be used as a template to develop new recruit firefighters. It addresses basic knowledge and skills. Formatted with weekly task achievements and responsible parties attached to maintain continuity and consistency. Can be modified and adjusted to accommodate any agency’s needs. Download


Victim Shooting Response & Safety Operations

Working in an active shooter situation. Download.


Anatomy of a Mayday

Presentation from the Kentucky conference 2020. Download


The 21st Century Fire Service Report. A white paper by the Center for Public Safety Excellence and ICMA that looks at the future of fire and emergency services. Download.


The Happy Secret to Better Work: A TED Talk. A psychologist gives an entertaining talk on positive psychology and what he calls the formula for happiness and success. Watch it Now.