Se7en Habits of Highly Effective Officers

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Recently, I wrote an article “7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis” based on Bill George’s book of the same title. The concept has been utilized many times throughout my career during crises of varying degrees of criticality.  George’s concept is succinct and, in my experience, effective.  When facing a crisis, George advises: Face reality, starting […]

Fall 2021 Newsletter

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Mentors and Morons Who Taught Me to Lead #004: Leadership Doesn’t Have to be Loud

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I’ve had the honor of serving with many brave and talented heroes throughout my career.  Those who instilled the drive in me to be better, I consider them mentors.  I have also crossed paths with several who have demonstrated the worst examples of greed, incompetence, and sometimes cowardice.  Those are the morons whose grievances I […]

Summer Newsletter

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photo of injured firefighter being carried on a stretcher by 2 other firefighters

The Latest in The Responder Safety Series Few firefighters witness a mayday first-hand. I recall an incident during my early firefighting years following a partial structural collapse in an apartment building with lightweight roof construction.  In my humble opinion, a mayday declaration was called for, but the lieutenant failed to do so. Fortunately, interior members […]

Operating In And Around Emergency Vehicles

emergency responders in roadway with red lights flashing at a traffic accident

There’s a saying: “You can’t help them if you don’t get there.”  So, the first thing to remember during response is to do it safely.  Studies conducted by government and private entities show that fire departments are some of the safest emergency responders.  A 2017 study found that fire responders experienced a response fatality rate […]

Mentors & Morons Who Taught Me to Lead #003

photo of Delma Anderson

A Firefighter’s Friend I must remind myself that this blog is supposed to be positive.  Therapeutic. Cathartic. At least that’s what my friends in mental health tell me. Think: “Half full versus half empty”…”Tomorrow will be a better day”…blah, blah, blah. To be honest, my interaction with mentors in the fire service was very limited, […]

Clear and Present Challenge: Responding to Civil Unrest

Responder Safety Series A storm has been brewing for many years across our great Nation.  Some call it differences of opinion while others label it a stand for their way of life.  Regardless of the reason or rationale, responders from all disciplines respond (often at extreme risk) to the peaceful demonstration that quickly escalates into […]